New Mattress Lease-To-Own Funding Up To $7,500 

Koalafi offers a simple and quick application process that customers can complete online or in-store, providing a seamless financing experience. Qualified customers may be approved for up to $7,500 in lease-to-own mattress financing.

Simple. Fast. Transparent. 
No Credit Needed*
Help Build Credit
Payments are reported to TransUnion.
Low Initial Payments
Only $49 needed at time of approval.
Easy To Use Interface
Simple, approval process that takes seconds.
*We do perform a credit check on customers as part of our application process. “No Credit Needed” does not imply
no credit check. This is a lease-to-own product. You will not own the leased items unless you make all scheduled
payments or prepay in accordance with the lease. Details may vary by state.