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Rio 1.0 Adjustable Base

Rio 1.0 Adjustable Base

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Elevate your sleep experience with the Ergomotion Rio 1.0 Adjustable Base. This base transforms your bed into a versatile relaxation and sleep zone. Enjoy head articulation for activities like reading, watching TV, or alleviating back pain. It's easy to set up and compatible with your existing mattress, making it an ideal choice for your first adjustable bed or a guest room.


  • Wired Remote: Simple two-button control for easy head adjustment.
  • Silent Drive Motors: Quiet operation for uninterrupted relaxation.
  • Gravity Release: Ensures controlled, safe return to flat position.
  • Zero Clearance Design: Maintains under-bed storage and compatibility.
  • 12" Stackable Legs: Customize bed height for style and storage needs.
  • Headboard Brackets: Connect any headboard for a polished look.
  • Courier-Friendly Shipping: Hassle-free delivery to your doorstep.

Enhance your bedroom's functionality and comfort for just $349.00. Optional add-ons include 2” Stainless Steel Legs and customizable headboard brackets. Discover health benefits like improved circulation, reduced snoring, and enhanced REM sleep with Rio 1.0.

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