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Helix Dusk Elite Mattress

Helix Dusk Elite Mattress

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Elevate your sleep to new heights of luxury with the Helix Dusk Elite Mattress. Immerse yourself in the embrace of five responsive foam layers, meticulously designed to deliver a medium feel that cradles and supports your body, whether you're a stomach or back sleeper.

Revel in the epitome of comfort as two individually wrapped microcoil layers embrace you with incredible cushioning comfort, alleviating back pressure and providing an invigorating restorative sleep experience.

The hallmark of the Helix Elite Collection, a superior support system, combines the prowess of individually wrapped steel coils, zoned lumbar support, and full perimeter reinforcement. This steadfast support structure guarantees a sturdy and supportive feel every night.

Introducing advanced GlacioTex™ Elite Technology, this mattress optimizes your sleep temperature from the moment you lie down, delivering cooling comfort throughout the night.

Experience the Helix Elite Collection difference, where innovation meets luxury. Each Helix Elite mattress is a fusion of personalized comfort and opulent style, handcrafted to provide a superior sleep encounter.

Challenge the norms of bed-in-a-box with the Dusk Elite mattress, an embodiment of luxury. This 16-inch masterpiece harmonizes five carefully curated comfort layers and two separate microcoil comfort layers, culminating in a mattress that radiates luxury from its core to its surface. Arriving in two separate boxes, it revolutionizes the way you perceive home comfort.

Discover unparalleled support and durability as the Dusk Elite mattress amalgamates a zoned lumbar coil base, high-density foam support layers, and full perimeter reinforcement. This holistic approach ensures that your sleep transcends into transformation.

With a commitment to excellence evident in every detail, the Dusk Elite mattress boasts a cutting-edge two-part design and our most advanced cooling technology, making it a testament to the best we have to offer.

Every Helix Elite mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, incorporating CertiPUR-US foams, offering peace of mind as they adhere to stringent emissions safety standards, emitting low VOCs. Crafted with care in our Arizona facility, each mattress is meticulously assembled before embarking on its journey to your home.

Experience the epitome of luxury with the Helix Dusk Elite Mattress - an embrace of elevated comfort and restful slumber.

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