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Leesa Plus Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Plus Hybrid Mattress

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Ultimate Support, Ultimate Comfort

Indulge in a realm of unyielding support and plush comfort with the Leesa Plus Hybrid Mattress. This luxurious bedding is purposefully engineered to effortlessly carry individuals weighing up to 500 pounds. The plush foams contour gracefully to your body, ensuring a snug fit that alleviates pressure points, without any sinking or sagging. Experience the epitome of supportive sleep, enabling a deeper and more restorative slumber each night.

Cool Slumbers Await

Beneath the soft exterior lies a gel-infused memory foam layer ready to whisk away body heat, ensuring your sleep haven remains cool and inviting. Bid farewell to sweaty nights as this superior cooling technology lowers body temperature, paving the way for a serene and comfortable night's sleep. For those who find themselves warming up as the night progresses, the Leesa Plus Hybrid is a breath of fresh, cool air.

Precision Support with Motion Isolation

Dream peacefully alongside a partner with up to 981 individually encased coils working tirelessly beneath, delivering superior motion isolation. The firm edge support adds a touch of stability, while the coils work in harmony to improve circulation by reducing pressure points. The result? Uninterrupted sleep and mornings free from stiffness and aches.

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