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Rio 2.0 Adjustable Base

Rio 2.0 Adjustable Base

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Transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation with the Ergomotion Rio 2.0 Adjustable Base. Designed for those who value both luxury and practicality, Rio 2.0 offers advanced features like head and foot articulation, a Zero-G preset for weightless comfort, and a convenient one-touch flat button for ease of use. The 6-button wireless remote provides effortless control over your sleeping position, enhancing your overall sleep quality and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Zero-G Preset: Experience a sense of weightlessness and relieve pressure points.
  • Silent-Drive Motors: Enjoy quiet adjustments without disturbing your peace.
  • Zero Clearance Design: Fits seamlessly on existing bed frames, including slats and platforms.
  • 6-Button Wireless Remote: Intuitive control for personalized comfort settings.
  • 12" Adjustable Legs: Customize the height to your preference.
  • One-Touch Flat Button: Easily return to a flat position with a single touch.

Priced at $699.00, the Rio 2.0 is an investment in your health and wellbeing. It's easy to set up with your current mattress and offers energy-efficient technology, making it an ideal choice for a luxurious sleep experience.

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