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Rio 3.0 Adjustable Base

Rio 3.0 Adjustable Base

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Introducing the Ergomotion Rio 3.0 Adjustable Base, our best-selling model that combines innovative technology with unparalleled comfort. Designed to revolutionize your sleep and bedroom experience, the Rio 3.0 offers a range of features for the ultimate relaxation and convenience.

Features Include:

  • Head and Foot Articulation: Customize your sleeping or lounging position for maximum comfort.
  • Zero-G Preset: Feel weightless and relieve pressure points for a more restful sleep.
  • One-Touch Flat: Return to a flat position easily with just one touch.
  • Underbed Lighting: Soft lighting to guide you at night without disturbing your sleep.
  • Programmable Presets: Save your favorite positions for quick adjustment.
  • 8-Button Wireless Remote: Effortless control over your bed’s position and settings.
  • Silent-Drive Motors: Quiet and smooth adjustments for uninterrupted rest.
  • Zero Clearance Design: Compatible with existing bed frames, including slats and platforms.

The Rio 3.0 is easy to set up with your current mattress. It features 12" adjustable legs for height customization and energy-efficient technology, making it a smart choice for enhancing your bedroom environment.

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