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Rio 6.0 Adjustable Base

Rio 6.0 Adjustable Base

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Indulge in unparalleled comfort and sophistication with the Ergomotion Rio 6.0 Adjustable Base, the epitome of bedroom innovation. Designed for discerning individuals who seek the best in sleep technology and luxury, Rio 6.0 is equipped with top-tier features that cater to your every need.

Key Features:

  • Head and Foot Articulation: Fine-tune your bed's position for personalized comfort.
  • Self Head Tilt & Lumbar Support: Advanced support for head alignment and lower back relief.
  • Wall Saving & Foldable Design: Space-efficient and easy to store.
  • Anti-Snore Preset Positions: Combat snoring with scientifically designed sleeping angles.
  • Massage Function: Relax with a 3-level intensity vibration massage.
  • Underbed Lighting & USB Ports: Illumination and charging convenience at your fingertips.
  • Zero-G Preset & One-Touch Flat: Experience weightlessness and return to flat effortlessly.
  • 18-Button Wireless Remote & ErgoSync App: Ultimate control with a comprehensive remote and app.
  • Silent-Drive Motors: Whisper-quiet adjustments for undisturbed sleep.
  • Deck on Deck & Headboard Brackets: Elegant design with easy headboard attachment.
  • Zero Clearance Design: Fits seamlessly on most bed frames, including platforms and slats.

The Rio 6.0 is a statement of luxury and innovation. It's easy to install with your existing mattress and comes with 8" adjustable wood legs for a customizable look.

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